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The greatest swimming pool dunk ever

From USA Today

Missing summer yet?  The Fall and Winter Months can be pretty dreary for sure.  Sometimes, it is nice to get a reminder about how much fun it is to hang out at the swimming pool, have a party in the outdoor living space, or just plan enjoying the great outdoors.  This summer saw the proliferation of a few new things that will be with us for a while.  One was Vine, the online video sharing service featuring short vignettes uploaded by users, making superstars of some regular people around the world.  The other was a few "Rube Goldberg" type videos that were featured on sites like Vine, which spread across the online universe like wildfire.  One such video which incorporated these two phenomena involved a swimming pool, a basketball hoop, and some inventive and agile youngsers.  Hopefully this quick look back at the summer will have you thinking about basking in the sun in 2015 sooner rather than later.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

The first masterpiece of classical literature, Hamlet, came 153 years after the invention of the printing press. Gone With The Wind, the first film classic, was released 12 years after talking motion pictures debuted. The first magnum opus on Vine, which launched in January, took considerably less time to surface.

Here's a video of seven dudes making the most epic swimming pool dunk in the history of the universe. And no, I'm not overselling it at all.

Click here to see the post and to watch the video

Modern Furniture Brings the Indoors Outdoors: Conversation Seating

From Pools Spas & Patios

Planning outdoor rooms can take a tremendous amount of forethought.  Where will people congregate?  Where will the traffic patterns take guests?  What vignettes will be created to make the space the most useful for your family?  There are so many aspects of design to consider, but one that is often overlooked or given short shrift is the outdoor furniture.  Whether the budget doesn't allow for it, or becuase it just wasn't considered in the early planning stages of the design, this can be the final touch that makes the space spectacular, or the achilles heel that ensures the space is never exactly what you had envisioned.  This post from Pools Spas & Patios offers a unique consideration for seating: The Conversation Seat.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Conversation seating, also referred to as deep seating, has been the most popular category of outdoor furniture in the last five years. This category can successfully bring the comfort and look of a living room to your backyard. The idea is to choose a combination of club chairs, sofas and loveseats to produce a perfect conversation arrangement that allows an easy exchange of words and laughter.

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These pool myths are all wet


The biggest mistake that homeowners who want a swimming pool make is to wait until spring to think about a swimming pool.  Inground Swimming Pools require alot of planning, and time to submit for permit, receive the permit, and to build.  The correct time to plan for an Inground Swimming Pool is in the Fall, which gives the homeowner time to cover the aforementioned tasks.  If you don't start before New Years, you are highly unlikely to be swimming the following summer.  Once a homeowner decides that a swimming pool is right for his/her family, there are no shortage of myths and fears that have been promulgated over the years surrounding the construction of a swimming pool and the ongoing swimming pool ownership.  As this post from the APSP points out, there are misconceptions surrounding the cost of construction, cost of ownership, effect on a home's value, and the perceptions around usage of the swimming pool and outdoor living space.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Swimming pools are a great fit for any home and family. They add value, enhance the look and feel or your home and create an ideal entertaining venue for family and friends. So why are so many people against pool ownership?

From the belief that a pool costs too much to operate to the misconception it will go unused, myths about pool ownership abound – and they likely dissuade some homeowners from taking the plunge. If you've been considering adding a swimming pool to your outdoor living space, here are five common myths you may come across that simply don't hold water:

1. Pools are too costly to install

A swimming pool is a significant investment, there's no denying it. However, the cost of a pool will depend on several factors, including the size of your space, the dimensions of the pool and the materials you choose. When compared to other discretionary expenditures such as a family vacation – which costs the average family nearly $4,800 for one week of fun each year – a pool can in fact be a high-value investment that pays for itself in just a few years. Of course, finding the right installer is key and the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) offers an online member locator to help consumers find an APSP Certified Professional in their area.

2. It's difficult and costly to maintain a pool

Long gone are the days when operating a pool pump could cost almost as much as running your air conditioning during the summer. Pool pumps and filtration systems are more energy efficient than ever, saving owners plenty of money in the process. Plus, improvements in filtration system and purification chemicals mean you'll need less of them to keep your pool sparkling. In fact, when it comes to pool maintenance, 63 percent of pool owners say maintaining water chemistry is no trouble at all, according to an APSP survey. You can chalk up this myth as false.

3. Pools are not energy efficient

Modern pool pumps require much less electricity to operate than you might think, with energy-efficient pumps using up to 30 percent less power. When compared to other household sources of electricity, swimming pools turn out to be a small percentage of a home's overall energy use. What's more, these systems can be even more cost effective when solar powered. Accessories can help conserve energy, too. For example, using a solar cover on an inground pool when it's not in use can help the water retain heat and keep debris out, which means less work for the filtration system – and you.

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The World's Largest Swimming Pool Is Where You Want To Be Right Now

From Huffington Post

Does planning an exotic vacation have you completely stumped?  Sure, there are plenty of places in the world to get sun, fun, seclusion, sports, or just plain old beach fun.  There is only one place on Earth, however, where you can swim in the largest man-made swimming pool in the world.  The San Aflonzo Del Mar Resort in Chile boasts this claim, and it is a wonder to see.  The pool is reportedly 3,323 feet long, and holds 66 Million gallons of water.  Try swimming laps in that one!  As the pictures show, you can literally kayak or sail on this swimming pool.  This project simply just has to be seen to be believed.  So if the hike to Chile isn't prohibitive, you may want to consider this locale for the most amazing swimming pool experience available in the world.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

It's not every day that a photo causes an audible reaction, but these pictures of the world's largest swimming pool are most definitely whine-worthy.

Yes, we told you about this glorious man-made pool that sits on the grounds of the San Alfonso del Mar Resort in Chile a while back and yes we know it's a schlep to this wonderland, but it's the dog days of summer and we couldn't resist a revisit.

Herewith, a brief peek at paradise.

Click here to see the amazing pictures

Monday, 13 October 2014 09:12

Winter Is a Great Time to Teach Your Kids to Swim

Written by

Beginning Swimming without Flotation

From Swim Professor YouTube Channel

Just because it is freezing outside, and the leaves are all off of the trees, doesn't mean that you shoudl wait to get your child swimming lessons.  Recent news stories have shown infants learning survival techniques and actually learning to swim strokes in the water.  Swimming is a skill that will benefit your child's health and well-being, not to mention his/her safety, for the rest of their lives.  Consider an indoor swim lesson program for this winter, so that when Summer comes around again in a few short months, your child will be ready to dive in!  This post from The Swim Professor shows a basic technique known as the "Pop Up Breath", which teaches kids to lose their flotation devices and to have the confidence to swim without them.

Here is the text introduction to the video:

Within just a few weeks of the clips you saw where Nolan needed the flotation, he is now swimming without it. The flotation allowed him to practice a skill he otherwise could not do (SEE VIDEO, "Too LIttle Flotation vs. Just Enough!" ) In this video you can see the results as he masters the "pop up breath" and swims 30 feet across the pool, happily, confidently, and competently!

Click here to watch the video

Click here for the Swim Professor Website

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