Making the Pool-Buying or Pool-Building Commitment

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Most people probably wouldn't jump right into a $50,000-$150,000 investment without at least doing some homework, but swimming pools can me a mystifying entity.  Many people, believe it or not, will enter into this investment without a true understanding of how this investment will impact their home value, the ongoing costs of utilities and maintenance, or their duties as a swimming pool owner.  This post from Pool FYI explains these in detail, as well as the benefits that alot of pool owner may not realize before actually using their pool.

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Is Your Pool Covered?

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Swimming pool covers can provide a variety of benefits to inground swimming pool owners.  Whether one is seeking energy savings, safety or protection of one's investment, the right swimming pool cover can definetly pay huge dividends.  With all the different types of pool covers available, where does one turn to decide which cover is best?  This post from Pool FYI provides all the information one needs to make this important decision.  Whether it be solar, automatic, winter or solid, choose wisely!

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Old Pool Covers Find New Life...on the Farm?

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Swimming pool covers are a valuable utility to protect one's investment in an inground swimming pool. Covers protect the swimming pool surface, and they provide a safety barrier during the off-season months.  It turns out, according to this post from Aqua Magazine, that once these heavy-duty covers exceed their utility on a swimming pool, they can be repurposed for many different applications.  Rather then turning up in a landfill, the pool cover is recycled for various necessary purposes and has a fruitful second life.

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How To Choose An Inground Swimming Pool Builder

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6 Things to Look for Before Hiring a Company to Install Your Pool 

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Let's face it, you are most likely very knowledgeable in your chosen field.  You spent years learning your field of expertise, and probably are quite confident that you know enough to be considered an expert.  You have reached a certain level of success, and you have decided to reward your family with a new inground swimming pool.  It is also probably safe to say that you are most certainly not an expert in the inground swimming pool design and construction field. Swimming pools are complicated projects, involving many different construction trades and disciplines.  How to you approach the process of choosing an expert to not only deliver the finished product, but to hold your hand and ensure you that you are with the most professional, quality designer and builder possible?  This post from Pool FYI gives you six things to use when you are vetting your swimming pool company, to give you the confidence that you will be in good hands through this potentially confusing process.

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How to Copy the Look of a Celebrity Pool

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Swimming Pool design inspiration can come from a variety of sources.  Sometimes, a pool at a tropical resort has some features that a homeowner wishes to incorporate into his or her backyard.  Other times, it is a classic piece of art or architecture that provides the spark.  This post from Pool FYI presents a different, albeit no less inspiring source of ideas for one's backyard swimming pool: Celebrity Swimming Pools.  

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A swimming pool can be a great place for families to relax while enjoying a natural, outdoor setting. Options for customizing the looks, design and motif of a particular pool vary, so it's easy for anyone to personalize their pool with special features. If you'd like to copy the look of celebrity swimming pools, here are a few ideas to keep in mind when you're transforming your landscape into a luxurious backyard oasis.  

Adding Color With Mosaics and Tile You don't need to recreate the poolscape at Jason Statham’s Hollywood Hills abode to add color, style and texture to the area that surrounds your oasis. Whether you have a pool with a liner or a cement foundation, adding mosaic tiles is a simple way to brighten up your space. You can splash in a few tiles along your pool's perimeter and break up the drab appearance of traditional concrete. The Sound of Running Water Installing a water fountain or waterfall is a great way to add to the acoustic ambiance of your swimming pool and create a backyard destination that is suitable for celebrities. Running water also adds great visual appeal, and you can use your fountain or falls to create a secluded place set off from the rest of your pool. Pentair has Wallspring Decorative Accents and Magicfalls® Water Effects that can add lighting and water features to nearly any setting. With the addition of lighting inside your pool, you can highlight the water features and create a space that swimmers can enjoy during the day or in the evening. These features also add value to your real estate, whether you're famous or not, so they are a great investment. 

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