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Inground Pool Care

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How to Take Care of an Inground Swimming Pool

From SF Gate

Owning a swimming pool can be an intimidating experience for many.  Knowing about pool water chemistry and balance, how the equipment works, how to clean and maintan the pool and equipment, and how to administer chemicals can all be complicated and are easy to screw up.  This post from the SF Gate presents a practical, easy primer on swimming pool maintenance for anyone.

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Swimming Pools Wikipedia

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Swimming pool

From Wikipedia

Ever wanted to know everything that there is to know about swimming pools?  Well, that's probably not technically possible, but one can get very close to this Nirvana by clicking over to the Wikipedia page on the Swimming Pool.  Wikipedia, the crowsourced free encyclopedia that has changed the information age for the better, has a very detailed entry on Swimming Pools that is sure to inform and amaze even the most experienced swimming pool professional.

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Swimming Pool Safety

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The Sensible Way
to Enjoy Your Inground
Swimming Pool


Swimming pool safety entails using alot of common sense, and yet accidents continue to happen at swimming pools across the country.  This post from the Association of Pool and Spa professionals presents this handy packet with guidelines for drowning prevention.  The main point that seems to always get lost is that there is no substitution for Adult Supervision, no matter what other precautions are in place.

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017 12:06

Swimming Pool Pros and Cons

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The Ins and Outs of In-Ground Pools

From DIY Network

Learn about the pros and cons of the different types of in-ground pools in regards to maintenance, life expectancy and cost.

Just installing a pool in one's backyard is both an exhilirating and expensive venture.  What most new pool owners don't consider are the hidden costs associated with swimming pools.  These costs can be driven by utility costs, maintenance costs, chemical costs, and functional obsolence in equipment and materials.  This post from the DIY network discusses these costs in this informative post, which will help any prospective pool owner enter into the transaction with eyes wide open.

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Types of Swimming Pools

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In-Ground vs. Above-Ground Pools


Consider your budget and surroundings when deciding what type of pool suits you.

Budget is usually the largest factor that comes into play when deciding what type of pool is most suitable for a given project.  Budget is not the only consideration, however, even for those fortunate enough to have the means to afford any type of pool.  What makes one type of swimming pool better than the next?  The answers are within this post from HGTV which explores the differences between the main types of inground and above ground swimming pools.

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