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Wednesday, 17 December 2014 08:32

Using A Pool Noodle For Amazing Water Workouts

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The Ultimate Pool Workout

Shed pounds in the pool with this cool workout. It's a hot-day hit that will get results fast.

From Self.com

The winter months can be dreary, and with the sun setting earlier and earlier, harder to motivate for a good workout.  The outdoor pool is closed, so your resolution to workout in the pool, swimming endless laps to melt away the pounds is out of the question.  Consider an alternative swimming pool workout in an indoor pool.  This post from Self.com shows how employing a large pool noodle can give you the intense, low-impact workout in the water than can make your new year's resolution stick.

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014 11:34

There Will Be Algae: How To Beat It

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From Hayward

Anyone who has peeled back the winter cover of their swimming pool after the long winter will know the feeling:  Algae has taken over the pool.  It's hard to keep algae away when the pool recirculation, filtration, and chemical treatment systems have not been allowed to do their work.  In most cases, Algae is a fact of life that can't be avoided.  This post from Hayward gives a good primer about what causes Algae, and how to deal with it properly so that it doesn't become a nagging problem that won't go away.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

The most common form of algae you'll find in your swimming pool is green. But there are many more species – algae can be green, brown, yellow, black or pinkish. Most often it is found in hard to reach areas, such as on steps and in corners. Algae likes these spots because water circulation isn't ideal there, and... if these are sunny spots, that compounds the issue further as sunlight speeds up algae growth.

About algae and how to treat it

Green Algae

Green algae – is a slimy substance that can be found on pool and spa surfaces. First signs of it will be in small clusters on pool steps or lurking in corners. It's at this stage that you should start to attack it — green algae can grow quickly in 24 hours or less.

Brushing will remove green algae, but it won't destroy it – super chlorination or shocking your water is required. Maintaining your pool regularly during swim season is key to staying on top of a green algae outbreak.

Yellow Algae

Yellow algae also goes by the appetizing term mustard algae, because of its brownish or muddy yellow color. While yellow algae doesn't spread as quickly as green algae, it is harder to destroy. Unlike green algae, brushing won't do much to remove it. Super chlorination and regular maintenance will help kill yellow algae.

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World's most beautiful hotel pool waterfalls

From Fox News

With the proliferation of extreme luxury swimming pool designs around the world, designers are outdoing each other with every passing year.  Sophisticated edge treatments like the negative edge, perimeter overflow, and lautner edge, as well as exotic materials and dramatic features like fire and fountains have been peppering these amazing resort-style designs and creating quite a buzz.  Nothing puts the cherry on the outdoor living sundae quite like the properly designed waterfall.  Inspired by falling water in its naturally-occurring state, the waterfall can create amazing visual interest, functionality, and ambient noise to really outfit the outdoor space properly and enhance the overall experience for everyone.  This post from Fox News presents some of the most beautiful man-made waterfall creations that appear in some of the world's luxury hotels.  If these pictures don't inspire you to consider adding one of these jewels to your outdoor living space, then nothing likely will.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

We love an infinity pool, and a pool with a view—but a pool with the added bonus of a waterfall? Well, we must be in heaven. Check out these amazing properties and bask in the blissful beauty yourself.


Barbados, West Indies

Once you've had your fill of the platinum coast's sparkling beaches—and Sandy Lane's personalized beachside services, which include Evian misting and sunglass cleaning—you can recline by the hotel's 7,500-square-foot outdoor swimming pool with its cascading waterfall and tropical gardens.

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Find and Fix

Four common pool building mistakes and how to avoid them -  

From AQ The Magazine

This post from AQ the magazine gives you the hard facts about why vetting your swimming pool designer and builder really matters.  Making a mistake can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the nightmare that choosing the wrong contract can cause for you and your family.  Unraveling a construction mistake or recovering from an unstable contractor that walks away from a project can be the catastrophic event from which your family never recovers.  Reputation, Knowledge, and Quality of Workmanship are just a few of the crucial items that need to be checked off of your list when choosing, so choose wisely!

Here is an excerpt from the post:

As a pool builder, growing your business often means pricing more competitively. But skipping vital construction steps to keep prices low can result in long-term consequences and compromise safety, durability and cleanliness. AQ editors interviewed pool inspector Rick English, a California-based expert with more than 35 years of experience, about the most common quality errors he has seen in the field—from recommending the wrong pump size to not evaluating a site's soil condition.

The key to becoming a successful business owner is establishing and maintaining a reputable image by being thorough and open with customers, even if it means making recommendations that will increase the cost of construction, English says.

Why is reputation so important, now more than ever? Perhaps it is because we live in an era where there is tremendous competition for discretionary dollars. Building a swimming pool is not only costly but also a long-term commitment for the owner. Trust carries a tremendous amount of weight. "Don't just focus on building a pretty pool," English says. "Once you start building pools properly and explaining [the quality choices you make] to your customers, you separate yourself from that crowd of low-end pool builders that just think they have to get every job done."

Over the decades, English has witnessed numerous pool problems that could have been prevented from the get-go. It's important to be aware of these problems, look for them, and work to eliminate them before they happen.

The problem: Soil testing can be an expensive and extensive step, so it's tempting for builders to skip it in fear that the added time and cost will turn away customers. The majority of pool builders put a clause in their contracts stating that homeowners are responsible for the soil condition on site. However, the risks involved with not obtaining soil information should not be taken lightly. The pool might crack, float out of the ground or migrate down a slope. It might leak and flood the home or a neighbor's yard. Fixing the problem can mean virtually ripping the whole thing out and rebuilding it—an expensive and decidedly unpleasant set of measures.

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10 Swim-Up Bars That, If You Had, You'd Never Want To Leave (PHOTOS)

From Huffington Post

With an increasing amount of homeowners trying to recapture the resort-style life in their own backyards, luxury swimming pool and outdoor living designs have been elevated to a whole new stratosphere over the last few years.  Adding outdoor kitchens, fire features, televisions and media centers, and oversized water slides are just a few of the usually tropical resort swimming pool features that homeowners have brought into their own backyards.  What resort-style pool would be complete without a swim up bar?  This post from Huffington Post gives ten examples of these tastes of the tropical high life that can be incorporated right into your own swimming pool design.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Nothing beats a lazy summer day spent keeping cool in a swimming pool. Add a swim-up bar to the mix and you've got yourself a recipe for paradise. We see no reason to ever leave!

We searched high and low for homes with this coveted feature. Go on and dive into ten of the most luxurious and dream-worthy below.

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