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Swimming Pool Design Pictures

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There is no better way to start the process of a swimming pool or outdoor living design than to look at completed project photos.  While swimming pool photos are readily available on the Internet if you know where to look, there are certain compendia of photos that can be more useful than others.  This post from is entitled "Inspiration Gallery", and with the amazing photos within it, one will find that it is aptly named.

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Swimming Pool Cost

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Swimming Pool, Hot Tub & Sauna Cost Guides

From Home Advisor

If there were any websites that are qualified to give an average cost of installing an inground swimming pool, Home Advisor is it.  Formerly called Servicemagic, the Home Advisor website exists to pair qualified professionals in a variety of trades for the home with consumers that are ready to hire or planning a project.  This puts Home Advisor in a unique position to have an idea of what certain projects will likely cost.  This post from Home Advisor presents some average costs for installing an Swimming Pool, Hot Tub or Sauna.

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Swimming Pool Pictures

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Swimming Pools

From Pinterest

When contemplating a swimming pool design, there is no better way to prime the pump of ingenuity then by looking at completed swimming pool images.  The watershapers and crafstmen from around the world specializing in outdoor living design and specifically fantastic swimming pools produce breathtaking images of their projects which are extremely useful in providing ideas.  One of the best sites for picture browsing is Pinterest, billed as "The World's Catalog of Ideas".  This post is a board from Pinterest specializing in Swimming Pools, and the pictures are nothing shy of amazing.

Here are some examples of the picture captions:

New meaning to "infinity pool" a pool that looks like It keeps going or doesn't really end this one is amazing.  In anticipation of summer I keep dreaming of lazy summer mornings, waking up with a dip in the summer swimmingpool.  Terrific Non Slip Pool Deck Materials with Travertine Around Swimming Pools and Wood Shadow Box Fence Panels also Sheer Descent Waterfall Design from Pool Tiles, Pool Decks, Pool Coping.  An aerial view of a swimming pool with two large artificial sand banks that gradually step down into the deeper main pool. On the highest tier are two lounge chairs with an umbrella and an artificial tree stump base.

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Small Backyard Pools

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How To Fit a Pool into a Small Backyard

From Apartment Therapy

It's amazing what a good designer can fit comfortably into a small space.  One doesn't need a sprawling estate to have a functional, aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space complete with a swimming pool.  This post from Apartment Therapy presents a dozen examples of good design principles for small backyards that turned out sublimely.

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Small Inground Pools

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Small Inground Pool Home Design Photos

From Houzz

The fastest-growing home design and improvement website is Houzz, bar none.  Countless consumers wishing to save pictures of ideas for their home use Houzz to save pictures to ideabooks, and even contact home improvement and design professionals through the site.  Of all the ideabooks available on Houzz, there are many devoted to outdoor living, and specifically swimming pool design.  One subcategory is small yards and small pools, which showcase what is possible when good design meets a challenge.  This post is one such ideabook featuring small swimming pools.

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