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Is A Hot Tub Good Therapy For Sore Muscles?

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Immediately Soothe Your Sore Muscles in a Hot Tub

From Swim University

Soaking in super heated water has been a popular therapy for milennia.  According to this post by Matt Giovanisci of Swim University, the ancient Greeks and Romans understood the healing powers and benefits of a hot tub.  This post explains why this is the case, and the modes that are at use in doing so.

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Swimming pool trends make backyards sparkle

From East Valley Tribune

The swimming pool of today is nothing like it was even a short decade ago.  Advances in designs and technology have pushed the envelope forward light years from what it was previously.  Current design trends are taking an advanced and holistic approach to the entire backyard, incorporating outdoor kitchens, dining areas, shade structures, swim up bars, putting greens, etc. etc.  This post from East Valley Tribune discusses some of the latest in swimming pool and outdoor living design trends that are hot for 2016.

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How To Fix Pool Plumbing Leaks

From Swimming Pool Steve

Pool Leaks, especially plumbing leaks, can be a surreptitious waster of money.  Usually, losing water slowly is a difficult thing to identify, and can be an even more difficult thing to repair.  Over time, losing small amounts of water can add up to real money.  This post from Swimming Pool Steve presents a thorough treatise on how to identify leaks, and how to go about fixing the leaks oneself.  The repairs covered in this post include threaded pipe repairs, pump leaks, filter leaks, heater leaks and skimmer and plumbing line leaks. 

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Water, water everywhere: Swimming lessons are critical

From Miami Herald

According to this post from the Miami Herald, one could fill three classrooms with the amount of children under the age of 5 that drown in the state of Florida each year.  The CDC has been sponsoring a national movement to bring water safety to the forefront, but one of the major keys in preventing accidential drowinings is teaching kids how to swim.  This post talks about the importance of early swim lessons in this endeavor.

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Swimming Pool Ozone Generator Reviews

From Swimming Pool Steve

Most of us have heard about the Ozone layer of the earth, and how it is depleting.  This has been a warning sign from environmentalists that warn against damage to Earth's natural resources as a result of the hand of man, and how this is causing global climate change.  What most people don't think of when they think of Ozone is swimming pool disinfection, and according to Swimming Pool Steve, they should.  Ozone, or O3, is a highly effective oxidizer of organic material in swimming pools, which keeps the pool cleaner, safer, and with lower levels of chlorine.

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