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The History Of Olympic Swimming In Pictures

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Olympic Swimming, 1896 - 1908


Ever wonder when the first time was that people jumped into the water to decide who could get from point A to point B faster?  As this post from About Sports points out, the history of swimming itself dates back to prehistoric man.  Additionally, the original Olympics swimming events were held over roughly measured courses in open water.  This post shows some amazing pictures that date back to the Modern Olympic era, from 1896 on.  

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Amazing Luxury Swimming Pools with Amazing Features

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Crazy pools that overflow with unique features

From Yahoo Real Estate

There are swimming pools, and then there are swimming pools.  For those at a certain level of luxury, a plain kidney shaped swimming pool just simply doesn't fit with the house.  In this post from Yahoo Real Estate, ten of the most over-the-top swimming pool and outdoor living designs are presented that include such luxury features as grottoes, waterslides, glass bottoms, waterfalls, swim-up bars, light shows, and state-of-the-art edge treatments.

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Natural Swimming Pools are Unique, But Are They For You?

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Natural Swimming Pools Are Making a Ripple, But Are They For You?

From The Allstate Blog

Originating in Europe, the natural swimming pool, or swimming pond, has slowly made its way across the large pond to the United States.  The concept is that the natural swimming pool mimics mother nature in its filtration methods, and allows a swimming experience much like swimming in a natural pond or lake.  The additional aesthetic benefit is that the natural swimming pool looks as though it has always been in place, avoiding the look of man's intervention.  The natural pool has cons as well as pros, according to this post from The Allstate Blog, and one must be aware what they are getting themselves into when entertaining such an amenity.

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What Is Intramural Swimming?

From AZ Central

The health benefits associated with swimming are well documented.  For some, just working out in a pool is enough to satisfy their exercise needs.  For others, the competitive spirit requires additional challenges.  For those looking to compete, but not on a varsity sports level, there are intramural sports.  This post from AZ Central talks about what intramural sports are, and how they can benefit people by providing a competitive venue other than on a varsity or olympic sports level.

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Does A Chlorine Free Pool Really Exist?

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Swimming Pools: Alternatives to Chlorine

Chlorine keeps swimming pools safe and clean, but there are alternatives to chlorine if you're willing to pay the price.

From Naperville Patch

Despite being the most cost effective and efficient sanitizer for swimming pools over the last 50 years or so, Chlorine has gotten a bad reputation.  Misconceptions and other unreasonable tactics have caused Chlorine to be maligned by the public in regards to treating swimming pool water.  The search for a viable alternative has been a long one, and has actually produced some alternatives.  This post from the Naperville Patch discusses some of the most popular chlorine alternatives for swimming pools.  Keep in mind, these alternatives aren't necessarily better than Chlorine in many ways, and usually carry a significant trade-off.  However, for those that simply have a complete aversion to Chlorine, this post is for you.

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