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How Much Money Is An Inground Swimming Pool?

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What Does It Cost To Build An In-ground Swimming Pool?

From Master Pools Guild

This is a question that is burning in the minds of every prospective swimming pool owner.  Once a family has decided to take the plunge, both literally and figuratively, the issue always becomes one of budgeting.  This post from the Master Pools Guild gives a great explanation of the different types of swimming pools and swimming pool construction, and also explains what factors can effect the eventual price tag of one's own backyard paradise.

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Lake Michigan's Floating Island


Ever wanted to have the experience of an Island Paradise without having to travel thousands of miles from home?  A recent Kickstarter campaign aims to deliver this experience right in the heart of the Second City.  Called Breakwater Chicago, this proposed floating island received double the required funds to execute a design and it looks like it will be going forward.  Included in the list of amenities of this amazing concept are boat docking, waterpark, restaurants, nightclubs, retail stores, and scenic viewpoints of the city and lake.  

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The Pool of the Future


Technology is constantly evolving.  Think about what cellular phones looked like just a few short years ago, and what they have morphed into (see: Apple Watch).  Ever wonder what effect the rapidly changing, technologically-savvy design world will have on the Swimming Pool industry?  Look no further than the concept swimming pool featured in this article from Eric Herman of Aqua Magazine.  Caled the “Swimarium”, it was created by Hong Kong design group OVA Studios.  Utilizing glass partitions and the latest virtual reality techniques, this amazing concept will literally propel one's swimming experience into the space age, and beyond.  This simply has to be seen to be believed!

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A Pool — From the Printer?

From Aqua Magazine

3D printers seem to be all the rage in technology circles.  The ability to literally send a physical object over space and time is something right out of Star Trek.  Some people will find this difficult to believe, but the ability to actually make a custom inground swimming pool on a 3D printer is available now!  This post from Aqua Magazine gives the story of an ambitious project by Architect Adam Kushner, who is not only building the swimming pool with this cutting edge technology, he is 3D printing the entire custom home!

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Planning for a Pool

From Better Homes and Gardens

Once you've decided that you and your family are ready to take the plunge and install an inground swimming pool in your yard, you're only just beginning the long and complicated journey.  Most people don't realize what they are getting into when they make this decision.  Starting with the type of pool, there are also myriad other factors that need to be planned out and designed, not to mention the municipal permits, landscaping, drainage, etc.  This guide from Better Homes and Gardens will help guide you to getting over the hump, and will assist you in making a solid plan to get all of the answers and help that you will need to get started.  Included in this guide is not only the construction process, but also what costs to expect for maintenance, conditions of the yard, construction time estimates, and how to choose a contractor.

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