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Hinsdale, IL Swimming Pool, Spa and Grotto with Fire Features

This 20'0" x 45'0" swimming pool has ample room for play and for diving. The separate 7'0" x 10'0" spa is raised 18" and crowned by a pergola and seating area behind it. 7'0" x 10'" planters are integrated into the hot tub and provide a lush green element to the relaxing hot tub. Travertine coping and Travertine decking provide ample traffic and living spaces. Inside the pool, a total of 20'0" lineal feet of bench provide seating and rest areas in both ends of the pool. Both swimming pool and hot tub have automatic safety covers with custom stone vanishing hidden leading edge systems, which completely conceal the cover and mechanism from view. Laminar flow fountain jets at one end of the pool in front of the hot tub provide a unique vertical element to the waterscape. At the opposite end, grotto with stacked stone and boulders and rain curtain provide a hideaway for the bathers, and gives the space a rustic, almost jungle –like environment. Framing the view from the hot tub are two dramatic fire bowl features set on stone pedestals, giving the space warmth, as well as the "wow" factor.

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Lake Forest, IL Swimming Pool with Massive Thermal Shelf

At one time, the sun shelf, (also referred to as a thermal shelf, tanning ledge, or Baja ledge) was only encountered at exotic tropical resorts. Travelers that were able to put a chaise lounge right in the water discovered the ultimate way to soak up the tropical sun. This feature is prominently displayed in this residential swimming pool in Lake Forest, IL. The swimming pool measures 22'0" x 48'0", and has a sun shelf that extends 8'0" into the swimming pool. This feature, while out of the water, is the hidden gem in this project. Indiana Limestone coping abuts the Limestone deck with brick inlays. An automatic pool safety cover is completely hidden utilizing a custom walk-on, vanishing lid system with a hidden leading edge design. It is a simple, traditional design, but provides the perfect recreation space for lounging adults and frolicking kids alike.

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Thursday, 06 February 2014 10:57

Northfield, IL Indoor Swimming Pool and Hot Tub

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Northfield, IL Indoor Swimming Pool and Hot Tub

What better cure could there be for the harsh Chicago winters than an Indoor Swimming Pool and Hot Tub? This 16'0" x 40'0" swimming pool has a 9'0" diving well. The raised hot tub attached to the pool measures 7'0" x 9'0" and has a 2'0" waterfall feature spilling into the pool. An automatic safety cover for both the swimming pool and for the raised spa, both with custom vanishing stone lid systems, keep the moisture out of the environment and in the pool. The deck, coping, and spa capstones are all custom fabricated granite.

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Wednesday, 05 February 2014 10:58

Glencoe, IL Swimming Pool and Interior Hot Tub

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Glencoe, IL Swimming Pool and Interior Hot Tub

This 24'0" x 48'0" swimming pool has an ample thermal shelf for recreation. Measuring 6'0" x 13'0", the thermal shelf is ideal for lounging or for a kids recreation area. The thermal shelf also has bubblers to give the kids some fun, and to provide a vertical element to the waterscape. The pool is surrounded by Indiana Limestone Coping, abutting the travertine decking material. Next to the thermal shelf and steps is an 8'0" square spa with ample seating area. The pool and spa are both covered with an automatic swimming pool safety cover with custom vanishing stone lid system.

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Tuesday, 04 February 2014 12:22

Deerfield, IL Swimming Pool

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Deerfield, IL Swimming Pool

This swimming pool in Deerfield, IL may look simple, and it is: to operate! Utilizing a variable speed pump to ensure the most efficient operation possible, the pool is also equipped with an automatic safety cover with custom vanishing stone lid system, as well as an in-floor cleaning system to keep the pool clean and sanitary. Indiana Limestone coping surrounds the pool, and perfectly matches the stone decking and patio. This 20'0" x 40'" pool has all of the recreation space that this family requires, including 6'0" of bench, and ample room for the volleyball and basketball games that the family enjoys.

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